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UK Rapper MANGM Shares New Single – Bonnie & Clyde

Rising UK rapper MANGM has returned with his latest single, “Bonnie & Clyde”. Hailing from Leicester, UK, MANGM made his impressive debut back in 2019 and has been steadily rising ever since with a string of successful independent releases, but “Bonnie & Clyde” looks set to be his biggest single yet.

Having been immersed in music and writing songs since his childhood, MANGM impressively showcases his full range of talent on “Bonnie & Clyde”. What’s immediately noticeable is his versatility and ability to switch between his fast and furious cadence in the verses and the smooth melodic vocals during the track’s anthemic chorus. Capped off with a memorable trap-infused production and an accompanying music video directed by VIP (@shotbyvip), “Bonnie & Clyde” shows MANGM in his element and uncovers a star in the making with a huge future ahead. 

Speaking further on the release, MANGM says, “‘Bonnie & Clyde’ for me is all about closing the book on a very difficult chapter in my life. Music has always been my way of expressing my feelings, and this song is everything I wish I could have said. This song is me letting go of the past and showing unconditional love.”

A huge talent and artistically at the top of his game, MANGM is only just getting started and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, so expect to see and hear plenty more from him in 2022. “Bonnie & Clyde” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.


UK Rapper MANGM Shares New Single - Bonnie & Clyde

Bio (in his own words):

My Name is MANGM, and I’m from the East Midlands. I started to take music seriously in 2019 with the help of my good friend and engineer in which we have managed to create a unique sound. I spent most of my childhood by myself listening to music to the point I knew every song word for word. I then started writing my own songs and realised I was actually good at it, so I carried on again to the point my school books had no work in just songs ready to record when I got home… I found it funny at the time. But after releasing songs and getting good feedback from people I spent my life looking up to, I finally built the confidence with music. 

I feel music is and always should be a form of self-expression. If myself as an artist can’t be open and honest with my fans, then what’s the point of me having this voice or being this rapper at all? The way I see it is if you can help one person by telling your story and letting them know they are not alone then that makes me feel more successful than money ever could. 

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