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Spinex Music, is an online music promotion platform that is passionate about getting artistes to the apogee of their musical career.Thinking of promoting your music to reach a wider audience spinexmusic.com is the best option as we carefully handle your song promotion request with our team of professionals.We distribute music to key players in the music industry including music taste-makers, radio hosts, and record labels.

Thank you! for indicating interest in getting your song and video promoted by us.Kindly, fill the form beneath or send us a message via email or whatsapp


Our radio and TV promotion package, is centered on getting your song and video on radio and TV. We are committed in making your song and video gain credibility through music-taste makers and media houses that we partner with.


With over 5 million monthly visitors, our platform is a sure option to get your song massively downloaded by many within a short period of time.Your song gets uploaded on our platform and in return get streamed and downloaded by visitors


Our music review service is designed to get the music submitted to us reviewed by our team of professionals that is saddled with the responsibility reviewing songs.


We will publish your song on digital stores like: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, TikTok, Triller, audiomack, Deezer.Your song will also get a special newsletter blast sent out to over 30,000 plus  music lovers and taste-makers.


With our interview package, our clients gets interviewed by us with numerous interview option available for the artiste to select.Artists that want their fans to have more insight about their musical career, latest release and upcoming events should take advantage of this package.

This is an amazing opportunity to create some serious heat around your release!!

Music Submission