WØLFDARLING – Send The Sun My Way

WØLFDARLING – Send The Sun My Way: WØLFDARLING, the musically dynamic alternative rock band from Detroit MI., is back with their new single, “send the sun my way”. It’s the follow-up to their well-received song “chemical violence”.

WØLFDARLING consists of brothers Sam Urich (guitar, piano and vocals) and Jack Urich (bass). Jason Hartless played drums on this track.

Sam says, “send the sun my way” was written when I was in high school. I was within the grip of a deep depression and melancholy. I was experiencing what it was like to be afflicted by a mental illness. Past wounds made themselves heard and I was overwhelmed by it all. 

The song is strangely optimistic, because regardless of how low I sink, I will always have some flicker of hope, even if it be just the faintest spark in the gaping mouth of darkness.” He continues, “Essentially, the song is a love letter to the sun, a mantra, a prayer, for this agony to be scared away by the dawning of the sun.

WØLFDARLING Is Back With Their New Single - Send The Sun My Way

A sun that shines both in the sky and from within us all. A poem to remind us that we are brave, we are mighty, and we are beloved.””send the sun my way” was produced by Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) and recorded at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI. 

WØLFDARLING – Send The Sun My Way


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