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John Noble Barrack Releases Lyric Video For “The Wake”

Artist and actor John Noble Barrack releases lyric video for single “The Wake.”

John Noble Barrack continues his character study of loss with his third studio single The Wake. His scarce production lends itself beautifully to the lyrics of the song. His use of space and timing in this song perfectly pairs with the feeling of healing that is happening in this song. 

Barrack finds himself feeling juvenile again with the same pain that always comes with every heartbreak. He is living in the moment of waking up and realizing he is without this person for the first time. We’ve all had that moment of total understanding that you are holding onto a dream and what used to be a large part of your life is no longer. There are times when it is necessary to live in that pain in order to get through it and that is precisely what John Noble Barrack is doing with this song

The lyric video for “The Wake” beautifully captures the message of the song. It includes impactful visuals such as foot prints in the sand, handwritten lyrics, and broken glass, all perfectly portraying the grief of someone coping with a loss. John Noble Barrack’s new lyric video truly is an extension of the emotional experience of “The Wake.” 

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