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Raza Shamsi – Beqasoor

 Raza Shamsi’s New Release Is Going To Take You On a ‘Journey of Love’ Mumbai Singer/Songwriter Raza Shamsi is back with his new single which is an inspiration surrounding the hardships in relationships. He has collaborated with his Homeboy, Kenno.p who produced the music, they have released 5 songs together and are releasing the 6th.

This song is a scintillating melody that aims at being an embodiment of the complications in a relationship. Raza and Kenno.p are set to take you on a journey of love, right from the struggles and pain, right up to realizing they were drained without their peace and the hurtful words to each other went to vain. They have used the guitar to narrate their story to the right note and drums to add the groove.

An unbelievable fact about this track is that the song was actually produced and composed in a moving car. Kenno.p made me hear the guitar piece and I hummed a few melodies over it, he then started adding drums & other elements & I just kept improvising with my melodies and made the hook and verse, the next day we went to the studio and recorded the final vocals. 

Raza is really inspired by artists like Kanye West, Jon Bellion, Mac Miller & The Weeknd. I’m a true believer taking inspiration from the best, and trying to outdo them in my own way. Raza & Kenno.p give everything we have to compose every track and create satisfying music. In this track we reversed a few things in the middle to build up the suspense for the outro, Stay Tuned!

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