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Maejis Mind – Self-Titled EP

James Beasley aka the mastermind behind Maejis Mind returns with his infectious new self-titled EP. The Philadelphia born, LA based musician has a driving psychedelic sound that blends guitars, modulated synths and echoing vocals which are utilised like another instrument as opposed to the main focus.

Throughout the instrumental-leaning EP we hear themes of doubt, recognizing over-confidence, and acceptance of one’s circumstances. The EP will feature lead single ‘What’s Worth It’ and enchanting track ‘Back To Spot’.

“Each song on this EP was written in a spontaneous manner; they started with some sort of random groove and the other instruments were layered on. At some point soon after you’ve created multiple layers of sounds, you realize you either have a song or you don’t”, explains James. “To this day, I have no idea how to write a song. I’ve found that trying to force some sort of writing framework will end up creating hollow songs. Creating a song really is a phenomenon that just happens, or at least for me that’s how it is.”

Speaking out about the writing process James mentions,

“I spent the summer of 2021 jamming by myself in my bedroom in LA. I’d pick up my acoustic or sit down at my synth and just play whatever came to me at that moment. 99% of the time, I made nonsense sounds. But every so often I’d get lucky and create something I just wanted to listen to over and over.”

Towards the run up to the EP release Maejis Mind has received raving reviews of lead single ‘What’s Worth It’. Yack Magazine said it “Snakes into every atom of your soul” while Mystic Songs praised it as a “Wonderfully warm and woozy psych-rock jam”.

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