German Indie-Pop-Prog Artist To Hell With Tradition Releases New Album ‘Blurred

German singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer To Hell With Tradition returns with his third album ‘Blurred’. The brainchild of Achim Hofmeyer, To Hell With Tradition has made a name for his unique indie-pop-come-alternative sound. The new 12 track album explores this sound, shifting through intertwining melodies in its synth and organ heavy instrumentation, managing to settle within the realms of indie-rock without a single guitar in sight. 

The album’s lead single ‘Monuments’ is a great example of this unique musical approach: reflective, self aware lyricism over a tightly compressed, intricate and punchy soundscape. With chord changes akin to Muse and a tone comparable to the likes of Maximo Park and Franz Ferdinand, Achim’s music possesses an haunting quality, an intellectual aura and a vibrant indie appeal. 

Speaking about the lead single and the new album, Achim explains: “Monuments, as well as the album as whole reflect my progress on the path to finding and understanding the interconnection of the seemingly isolated layers of my true self and the physical reality. I composed, arranged and produced everything on my own in my bedroom/lounge, as I do with all my music.”

Having already gained a whole host of tastemaker coverage, To Hell With Tradition is set to continue his gradual rise with the release of the new album, continuing to build his already rapidly growing audience. 

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