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Exclusive Interview With Latino Naijano

Fast-rising independent New York-based afrobeat artiste Latino Naijano has released his long-awaited single dubbed ‘Sugar Zaddy‘.Latino Naijano reveals a magnum opus love tune in his new single with hints of exploration through sharp beats, and bright lines to have listeners replaying this song every time.

Be that as it may, Latino Naijano, has captivated our ears and hearts with his raw lyrics and immaculately bright, catchy sound. Combining the gritty power of afrobeat music to create a sound you can’t help but be intrigued by. Latino Naijano, is an artiste that you all need to watch out for as he is gearing up to take over the music industry with his great musical talents.

We caught up with Latino Naijano in an exclusive interview and he fielded questions regarding his latest single and his music career in general. Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “Sugar Daddy” afterward.

Stream “Sugar Daddy” By Latino Naijano Below

Hi Latino, glad to have you on this interview. Could you please tell us how your music journey started and what motivated you to choose a career in music?

Thanks for the invite. I listened to music a lot growing up. I listened to everything, from  Fuji, to juju, to high life, to disco, R&B, rap, hip hop, country, reggae. I however never thought of making my own music until I heard Akon’s “Lonely”. That song inspired me to make my own music. The song opened a whole new world of creativity and I just flowed with it. 

As an Afrobeat artiste how would you describe your sound to someone who isn’t familiar with Afrobeat?

My music is a fusion of various genres, but distinctly African. I’m very particular about my beats being up-tempo. You gotta shake your body (dance) when you listen to my songs. Lol. 

What are some of the influences that helped craft your latest song ‘Sugar Zaddy’?

Sugar Zaddy is a feel good song. That’s all, lol. It partly acknowledges that I’m not your average “young” Afrobeats musician. It’s really about asking a female out, the way a successful male would. 

As an afrobeat artiste, what are your thoughts on the Afrobeat’s genre and the music industry in general?

Afrobeats is here to stay. The world is listening now. Now is a great time to be an afrobeats musician. The music industry is kinda complex. You just never know what’s going to happen next or how best to move. All you can do is keep working on your craft and keep making music people can relate with. 

What is the most important thing that you’ve learnt in the last few years of making music?

The most important thing I’ve learned in the past few years since I returned to making music is, just keep working on your craft. Don’t be in a hurry to put music out, if you’re not satisfied with the way it sounds. One song can make a whole lot of difference, so always take the time to make it sound great. It’s also important to connect with people in the industry. Meeting the right person is probably the most important thing you can do to get your brand out there. 

What were some of the challenges you faced while writing your latest single ‘Sugar Zaddy’?

Writing Sugar Zaddy wasn’t really challenging. I however was particular about not sending the wrong message out. I made sure my lyrics were not vulgar. I took my time working on the lyrics though, just to be sure I was comfortable with it. 

Why did you decide to take a break from music in 2010, and what made you come back in 2020?

Hahaha. I took a break from music to go back to school. I always had the idea of using my platform as a musician to promote environmental equity and justice. I’m also an EHS risk management professional, and climate and health researcher. I’m halfway through my doctorate degree in occupational and environmental health sciences. The covid lockdown allowed me to reconnect with my love for music. I actually released my first EP in 2020 during the lockdown. And I did it all by myself. I’m actually really proud of that.  

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