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ElectraQueens Shares New Single “Woman”

ElectraQueens Shares New Single “Woman”: ElectraQueens, the girl power trio from Nashville, TN, have released a new single that’s all about female empowerment. The group, consisting of Jenane, Gabrielle Vaughn, and Alyssa Scott, wanted to create an anthem not just for other women, but also for themselves.

The song is called “Never Seems to Put Her First” and its lyrics speak to the experiences that many women have had, such as being underestimated or undervalued. The group believes that all women deserve to be treated with respect and recognition for their worth. They wanted to write a song that would resonate with women everywhere and provide encouragement to those who need it.

As ElectraQueens explains, the song is very personal to them, and it speaks to the beauty and strength of being a woman, no matter what that may look like. The trio hopes that the song will inspire and empower women everywhere to celebrate their own unique qualities and to demand the respect and recognition they deserve.

ElectraQueens have been making a name for themselves in the music industry with their collaborations and live performances. They recently collaborated with The Bacon Brothers on their new EP ‘Erato’, and they have performed alongside the likes of Johnny Showcase, Tony Luke Jr., and Cory Singer.


The trio has also been gaining traction on TikTok with their “duet” style videos, which have garnered over 115K followers. Their unique approach to performing has helped them to connect with a younger audience and to spread their message of female empowerment to a wider audience.

ElectraQueens are a talented and inspiring group of women who are using their music to uplift and empower other women. Their new single, “Never Seems to Put Her First,” is a testament to their commitment to promoting female empowerment and creating music that speaks to the experiences of women everywhere. We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

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