Vincent Vaughan Shares New Single – Serious 

Vincent Vaughan Shares New Single – Serious: Vincent Vaughan is a classic “musician’s musician” who has spent over three decades of his life telling stories of everyday people through song. His humble yet powerful style of performing has endeared him to a diverse circle of listeners for many years. With the release of some of the most compelling songs of his career, he is now ready to share his eclectic, three-chords-and-the-truth style with new audiences.

Born in Wales to Irish parents, Vincent Vaughan’s childhood was spent in the Tipperary village of Mullinahone. He developed an early interest in music, teaching himself to play guitar as a child and learning to sing by trying to emulate the singers he listened to on an old record player his father bought as a Christmas present for his mother.

Vincent Vaughan’s style is an eclectic blend of nostalgia and innovation. As a singer, he holds a deep reverence for lyrics and melody, and will always endeavour to do what’s best to serve the song, never his ego. His singing style is deeply poetic – sometimes heartbreaking, oftentimes uplifting, but always thought-provoking.

His first three releases last year, “Many a Long and Lonesome Highway,” “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens,” and “Just Because,” were very well received. All three garnered considerable radio play on both RTE Radio 1 and several regional stations, with all three gaining multiple nominations for song of the week.

Building on the impact of these three well-received and captivating songs, the upcoming release of “Serious” on Friday, April 21st, is expected to significantly augment this already impressive momentum. Vincent Vaughan’s version of Richard Hawley’s song presents a smoother and almost crooner vibe compared to the rockabilly feel of the original version.

When asked to comment on the track, Vincent Vaughan said, “I very much enjoy the lyrics of songs and the descriptive poetry they can create. Richard Hawley’s original version had very much a rockabilly groove, which I was drawn towards initially. As I delved into the lyrics, I found it very easy to develop the mental imagery generated by them. I occasionally enjoy taking songs and re-imagining them. Once I started playing about with the chord progression and adding one or two extra chords to it, the song very quickly morphed into what has become my take on it, which I feel has an Americana groove to it. I was overjoyed when I received a personal note from the writer, Richard Hawley, expressing how much he liked my take on his song and wishing me well with it.”

Although Vincent Vaughan has established himself as a songwriter, penning songs for the likes of Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and American voice actress Grey DeLisle-Griffin, he will be delivering a catalogue of recordings of some of his favourite artists’ work. He seeks to pay tribute to some of his many musical influences so that he may channel some of that same musical passion into his own original work.

Vincent Vaughan is a musician who has dedicated his life to crafting authentic, heartfelt music. His style has an undeniable charm and appeal that has won over audiences and fellow musicians alike. With the release of “Serious” and his upcoming catalogue of recordings, Vincent Vaughan is sure to cement his place as a true “musician’s musician.”

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