Dragonfruit Share New EP ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Dragonfruit Share New EP ‘Honeymoon Phase’: Dutch Neo-Soul-come-Electronic-Pop quartet Dragonfruit has released their highly anticipated new EP, Honeymoon Phase. With a unique sound that blends electronic, funk, R&B, indie, pop, and neo-soul, the Rotterdam-based group has gained a strong following and several accolades across national press and national radio, as well as placements on several Spotify editorial playlists.

The EP features five tracks that showcase Dragonfruit’s multifaceted sound, creating euphoric and transportive sonic experiences. From the lead single, “Space Traveler,” it is clear that Dragonfruit is at the top of their game. The track combines R&B and pop over a bed of bass-heavy electronica and synths. The vocal duties are shared by Hudson and Dragonfruit’s Danique, giving the track multiple dimensions and an effortless, intoxicating likability with ear-worm melodies delivered with a striking sense of joyous charisma.

Dragonfruit collaborated with L.A based songwriters Daniel Davila and Cooper Bell, with the latter featuring on the track itself as Hudson. Speaking about the new single, the band shares, “Space Traveler tells a story of someone who suffers from escapism so bad they escape to the galaxies.”

Dragonfruit has already gained features across several tastemaker press, including Wonderland, Earmilk, Atwood Magazine, Sterofox, and Kaltblut, and has been added to several Spotify editorial playlists, including Soul n the City, Movement, Next Wave Neo Soul, Poolside Grooves, New Music Friday NL, Rhythm n Groove by DJ TARO, Made in NL, and Morning Rhythm. They have also received worldwide radio play, including Sublime FM, NPO 3FM, NPO Soul n Jazz, and Q Music, and have been added to Amazing Radio’s A-list.

Dragonfruit has performed at renowned festivals such as North Sea Jazz Festival and Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and has toured across Europe, building a feverish following and gaining millions of streams. With the release of Honeymoon Phase, the band is on their way to becoming a household name.

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