YOUANDI Shares New Single – All Time

YOUANDI Shares New Single ‘All Time’: Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter, YOUANDI, has recently shared her latest single ‘all time’ from her upcoming album isaidtome, which promises a diverse and captivating blend of R&B, Neo-Soul, and Trip-hop. YOUANDI’s music is heavily influenced by her diverse heritage, incorporating sounds and cultures from South America to Europe.

all time’ is a prime example of YOUANDI’s cinematic and experimental approach to R&B, featuring mystical and atmospheric elements alongside a pillowy bed of synths and sub-heavy bass that create a hypnotic beauty. As the track builds, it adds tight beats and entrancing harmonies that balance its emotive tone with catchy melodies to create an entrancing musical experience.

In a statement about the track, YOUANDI expressed her fascination with the magic that occurs when masculine and feminine energies align, resulting in synchronicity that crystalizes time, mind, matter, and sound. She believes that allowing creativity to flow freely can be incredibly healing for the spirit and body, and ‘all time’ speaks about alignment and the magic of creative freedom.

YOUANDI’s music reflects her unique musical style and perspective, offering a soulful and captivating experience for listeners. Her playful yet considered and emotive musicality is showcased throughout her latest release ‘all time,’ and it promises to be just a taste of what is to come on her anticipated album isaidtome.

Overall, ‘all time’ is a beautiful and captivating single that showcases YOUANDI’s unique blend of R&B, Neo-Soul, and Trip-hop. It is a stunning display of her musical ability and style, and it promises to be just the beginning of an exciting musical journey for the Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter.

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