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Vincent Lima – Somewhere

Vincent Lima – Somewhere: LA-based, New Jersey native Vincent Lima releases his emotive new single ‘Somewhere’, produced by Daniel Stringer (Lauryn Hill, X-Ambassadors, Johnny Stimson). Known for his deeply personal lyricism, introspective emotional honesty, and his uniquely raw, cavernous vocal sound, Vincent Lima delivers his own brand of indie-folk once again on ‘Somewhere’ 

‘Somewhere’ is a love story about two lost souls desperate to shape a self-identity and find fulfillment who ultimately fall in love and come to redefine what it means to live with purpose. The story details two characters who struggle with the pressures of finding a path in life. It’s not until they meet, however, that they discover ‘Somewhere’ is not a place at all, but rather the feeling that you’re building towards something with someone you love. 

Vincent explains the inspiration behind the track; “The song was born out of a feeling of aimless drifting I had throughout the pandemic as I realized I had no idea what I was doing with my life and time seemed to be accelerating. I blinked one day and suddenly 2 years were gone. I was desperate to convince myself I was headed ‘somewhere’ but didn’t know what ‘somewhere’ meant.” 

Releasing music since 2018, Vincent Lima has amassed 2 million combined streams to date. Having established himself in the New York City music scene after selling out several shows, Vincent relocated to Los Angeles in 2021, bringing his unique sound to west coast audiences. With plenty more tracks in the pipeline along with live shows, follow Vincent’s socials for the latest updates.

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