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Lefturn – Animal Style

Lefturn – Animal Style: Molly Ann Brook, better known as Lefturn, is a queer UK-based alternative pop artist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and lyricist. Lefturn returns this May with a seductive new single ‘Animal Style’. The alluring new single flaunts Lefturn’s signature brooding sound with a groove-infused bassline and intense vocals. 

On the meaning behind the track, Lefturn shares:

“Animal Style is all about raw energy and confidence for me. I feel like it perfectly represents who I am as an artist. If I had to play someone one song to show them my work, I would show them Animal Style. I am naturally quite a shy person so I love moments, like this song, where I get to display a more energetic raw side of myself.”

‘Animal Style’ follows on from her recently released debut album ‘AGENDA’, a collection of 10 tracks inspired by the pain she went through after a breakup. 


Growing up in the north of England has impacted LEFTURN as a person and therefore as an artist, giving all of their work an underlying political message for equality.  As a queer artist LEFTURN feels it is imperitive that we use art to reach out to one another and share experiences so others feel heard and seen; and therefore uses their music as a vehicle in which to do this. 

Using a hybrid of genres, such as rock, funk and folk LEFTURN uses their music to channel everything from everyday experiences to hard hitting experiences such as heartbreak and love. 

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