Vin Anthony Debuts His New Single “My Everything”

Vin Anthony Debuts His New Single “My Everything” – Nashville-based singer-songwriter Vin Anthony presents a romantic, emotional ballad “My Everything,” in which he shows off his songwriting chops that have earned him a name in the local scene. Alongside his creativity, Anthony knows how to entertain a crowd. “My Everything” is a single that will be a winner for audiences far and wide.

Anthony insists on being earnest and open-hearted in the single about finding someone who completes you and makes each and every day precious. With classic country crooning and production, Anthony transports listeners to a world full of blue skies and a bond as strong as gravity. With lush acoustic guitar and drums on the track, Anthony’s vocals are able to shine as the song builds and remains strong until the final note. “My Everything” is the epitome of a song fit for a wedding, anniversary, or a simple night under the stars. Vin Anthony knows what it takes to tug on heartstrings, from lyrics that inspire to production that perfectly captures the magic of true love. 

“My Everything” is filled with lyrics that will put a smile on your face as you listen to the unadulterated love song, with lyrics sharing nothing but the happiness and giddiness that follow the journey of falling in love with someone. As Vin Anthony continues writing and recording new material, it’s guaranteed that he will craft more swoon-worthy songs alongside rowdy, deep-fried singles that will lift spirits and continue to cement Anthony’s presence in the Nashville scene.


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