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Now Ex – ‘Somewhere Else’

Now Ex – ‘Somewhere Else’ – Singer-songwriter and Emmy award nominated Now Ex is set to make a statement with his brand-new powerful single ‘Somewhere Else’. Being renowned as a multi-dimensional pop project and film director, Now Ex (aka Nick Hampson) is back with an honest approach towards his music.

Now Ex was started as a pop vehicle for the big screen. Nick’s films and music have a lot in common – they both create and explore parallel worlds that are anchored by a painful euphoria, by a hunger for life that is somehow

tinged with deep sadness. It’s music that traverses landscapes and social boundaries, that moves from urban metropolises to the barren vistas of the flyover states.

Now Ex has teamed up with notable producer duo My Riot (Halsey, London Grammar) to bring his brand-new single ‘Somewhere Else’ which is accompanied by a cinematic music video. The song centres around dislocation, distraction, and the realisation that you can’t be with someone else until you love yourself.When talking about the lyrical direction of the track Nick mentions.

“It tries to evoke the duality of relationships, going back and forth on what’s best for you, for them, for you both, until no one is sure what the right direction is anymore. We all need support, and there’s a fine line between the support you can give yourself and that which others need to provide. The song tries to explore where that line lies, in the hope of finding
reassurance in the realisation that it’s okay to be alone, and it’s okay to admit you can’t be what someone else needs.”

Now Ex embarks on a new era with ‘Somewhere Else’ while provoking an impeccable charm towards his new music. There’s a visual quality to everything Now Ex that’s distinctly current, and overwhelmingly timeless from bar to bar, all centred around Nick’s emotional and somewhat operatic vocals. We live in an age of visual communication, and Now Ex plans to do this in a way no pop project ever has before.

‘Somewhere Else’ is the follow up single to Now Ex’s recent release ‘Coloursofyou’ which has been used as the theme tune for BBC’s very own Formula E series ‘Change Accelerated’. The impressive journey over the first year for Now Ex has seen him already amass well over half a million streams across 4 singles. His video for ‘First Light’ featuring Lydia West (It’s A Sin) has 200,000 views on YouTube alone and despite the limitations of lockdown, he’s built undeniable momentum since his first release last year with playlisting on Spotify & radio interviews with both BBC Bristol & BBC Kent.

Now Ex is set to perform his biggest headline show to date at London’s very own O2 Academy Islington on 22nd October. Tickets are on sale now. TICKET LINK

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