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Video: Kcee – ‘Ojapiano’

Kcee – ‘Ojapiano: Five Star Music, the renowned Nigerian record label, has proudly presented the official music video for Kcee’s latest sensational hit single, “Ojapiano.” Produced by JaySynths, this captivating song seamlessly combines the popular Amapiano genre with Kcee’s unique incorporation of the oja, a local instrument used in music production.

Since its release, “Ojapiano” has taken the music scene by storm, garnering over one million streams on Spotify and becoming an instant street anthem. The song’s infectious beats, catchy melodies, and Kcee’s remarkable vocal prowess have all contributed to its overwhelming success and popularity.

With its rising popularity, “Ojapiano” has been chosen as the lead single for Kcee’s highly anticipated upcoming album. This selection further solidifies the track’s position as a standout piece in Kcee’s discography, elevating the anticipation and excitement among his loyal fanbase.

To complement the captivating audio, the music video for “Ojapiano” was expertly directed by the talented MattMax. The video showcases a delightful blend of cultural costumes and mesmerizing choreography, transporting viewers into a world where vibrant visuals and rhythmic movements intertwine. The combination of these artistic elements amplifies the energy and vibe of the song, creating a truly immersive visual experience.

In a recent social media post, ODUMODUBLVCK, a notable artist, teased the upcoming remix of “Ojapiano,” adding further anticipation for fans. The remix promises to offer a fresh perspective on the already captivating track, introducing new elements and collaborations that are sure to delight listeners.

Kcee’s “Ojapiano” has once again thrust the talented artist into the spotlight. With its infectious fusion of Amapiano and the incorporation of the oja, this track showcases Kcee’s ability to innovate and experiment with different musical styles. As he gears up for the release of his new album, fans eagerly await the creative direction and unique offerings that Kcee has in store.

In conclusion, Five Star Music’s unveiling of the official music video for Kcee’s “Ojapiano” demonstrates the label’s commitment to promoting exceptional talent and delivering captivating music experiences. With the combined efforts of Kcee, JaySynths, MattMax, and the upcoming remix featuring ODUMODUBLVCK, “Ojapiano” is set to leave a lasting impression on the music industry, solidifying Kcee’s position as a versatile and dynamic artist. Fans can look forward to enjoying the infectious beats, vibrant visuals, and continued success of Kcee’s musical journey.

Video: Kcee – ‘Ojapiano’
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