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Tay Toe Shares New Single – Life of Blues

Tay Toe Shares New Single – Life of Blues: Creatively uniting a limitless passion for music with a powerfully authentic writing style, rapper and artist Tay Toe brings integrity and heart to contemporary hip-hop. Already noting hundreds of thousands of streams across a handful of releases since arriving on the scene in 2019, Tay Toe’s repertoire denotes an artist committed to the cause-driven by equal parts soul and precision amidst a fine balance of melodic, lyrical, and instrumental appeal.

The Los Angeles-born, Salt Lake City-based artist has just unveiled his new single, “Life of Blues”, which is an introduction to his upcoming album, Habits, and Setbacks, due to be released on December 9th. Following a haunting piano part, juxtaposed by nostalgic electronic rhythms, the track highlights Tay Toe’s impressive lyricism and storytelling abilities as he opens up about addiction. Elaborating further, Tay Toe says, “‘Life of Blues’ is a song that people will turn to when they feel like they have nothing left. Drug and alcohol addiction is a global problem. Addiction affects the person who is addicted, and it also affects the family members of that person.

“This song is for anyone going through a hard time, but mostly it’s for families and individuals struggling with addiction. It’s also for people who have lost loved ones because of addiction. I have a brother who is going through turbulence because of addiction, and I wrote this song for him. I hope it can shed some light on this topic in a positive manner. I hope it can help people like my brother change. I want him to know that his family loves him so he doesn’t give up.” “Life of Blues” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/taytoe/life-of-blues.

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