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Bricen Kendric Shares New Single – ‘Show Me The Way’ 

Bricen Kendric calls on God in ‘Show Me The Way‘, his latest addictive reggaetón single and enlightening music video. With the purest motivations and support from his loving wife, the message pertains to the unwavering support system that following God can provide: “Show me the way, Show me the way, I will follow you, Clean in my heart and in my mind, I will follow you“.

This artist hopes to inspire people with ‘Show Me The Way‘, allowing them to see that having faith in God can be a celebration. Despite the easy-going feel of this track, the recording process for this track was a little complicated. ‘Show Me The Way‘ was made with the help of a global team, and the U.S based singer spent a lot of time on video calls with his producers Edison Nuñez in the Dominican Republic and Abel Morillo in Argentina.

The video, produced by an Florida artist Aldo Guiseppe Paulino, displays a man as he travels to his destination, facing various struggles across the way, but having faith that God will guide him. A chilled pop song with a sincere message, ‘Show Me The Way‘ is hard not to enjoy. 

Dominican Republic born and raised, Bricen Kendric is a rising singer with a vision to inspire his listeners. His singing journey began at a young age, but it was only in 2013 when he had a life-changing encounter with God that he decided to change the direction in his music. Since then, he’s dedicated his career to exploring the world of Christian Music and writing tracks that encourage listeners to keep their faith in God.


So far he’s released two tracks ‘Even Now (Live)‘ and ‘Show Me The Way’, both tracks brimming with soulful vocals and authentic intentions. With an abundance of experience and talents, Bricen Kendric is a promising artist indeed. 



Bricen Kendric Shares New Single – ‘Show Me The Way’ 

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