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Nunu Prince New Single – ‘Love Holy’

Nunu Prince New Single – ‘Love Holy’: ‘Love Holy’ is the majestic and beautiful new single & music video from prolific Christian artist NuNu Prince. The song boasts a perfectly produced instrumental of minimal tracks layered in the most pristine and gentle manner: slowly strummed acoustic guitars, subtle bass undertones, and interwoven & harmonically melodic pianos completed by the gorgeous vocal performance from NuNu Prince.

 The songwriting process was short – taking just 7 minutes to put lyrics to the beat after first hearing it. Lyrically, NuNu Prince describes this song as an encapsulation of ,’how far I came along with the women I have love for, me wanting to give up on everything but not.‘ A stunning music video accompanies the song which shows the precious love NuNu Prince mentioned in his lyrics behind continually shifting cityscape backdrops – truly a perfect masterpiece of love and adoration. 

Nunu Prince is a R&B singer songwriter hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota.He grew up watching his mother and grandma sing in church, and soon became inspired to write his own Christian songs. His music always sways towards positivity in attempts to uplift his fans, Nunu Prince says he would like to be the artist that fans go to when they need help in getting through something.

Debuting in 2020, he has released various singles that have gained traction on streaming platforms, his most popular track ‘I’m For You’ has reached over 152K streams. His latest track ‘Love Holy’, is another heartfelt track for listeners to enjoy. Nunu Prince mixes pure intentions and charm with skilled songwriting, and we can’t wait to see what he does with this next!

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