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New Single: Brooke Lynn – Red Eyes

Brooke Lynn . This story-song brings listeners on a roller coaster of emotions that mimic those of the main character in the song. It starts out simple and withdrawn with acoustic and vocals, and continues to build and intensify as the story unfolds. The steel guitar tugs at listeners’ heartstrings as they feel the devastation transition into anger that then recedes back into sadness. Lynn ends the song with a sigh of relief as she repeats the very first line of the song: “Funny how the last five years could mean nothing.”

Red Eyes is the first layer of her EP that is a vulnerable and empowering ballad based on a true story. With simple acoustics and vocals to start the song it pulls the listener through the devastating story of a fan that describes the end of a relationship. 

Last year after a show, Lynn was approached by a fan who told her the story that inspired this song. Lynn brought this idea to Red Eyes co-writers Stefanie Joyce and Manning Rothrock, and they knew they had created magic out of another’s difficult reality. “We wanted to bring power and beauty into the devastation of a relationship ending, especially ones that cannot be wholly understood, with no explanation or closure,” Lynn says. “There is strength in feeling every emotion that accompanies a breakup, the sadness, anger, and disappointment are all part of the healing.”


Lyrics Funny how the last five years could mean nothing.

What was the point of me even coming?

I got a one way ticket to the west coast, champagne smile on my face

Just to have you break my heart standing at the baggage claim.

It’s gonna be red eyes back to Boston

Red eyes back to Boston

Funny how you didn’t have an explanation.

Was I just a layover, and not a final destination?

Will someone else be layin’ in your bed, while I’m sippin’ red wine,

mile high instead?

I thought I came here to stay.


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