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Maddison Skies – “From Different Worlds”

Multi-talented Trio music group Maddison Skies have released their new song, titled “From Different Worlds.”. The newly released single is the third song released from the Trio, who were brought together through the pandemic. Gracie May, Thea & Sophie, are set to bring a little bit of sauce and cheekiness to our airplays. Maddison Skies are the only British Girl Group to be formed since Little Mix hit won X-factor in 2011, Yet unlike Simon Cowell’s millionaire band PR and Launch, Maddison Skies had come from a more humble start, but they are once again proving that a world pandemic isn’t going to hold them back from future dreams.

Throughout the pandemic, the three teenagers have formed such a solid friendship, and yet they have still only met in person just 3-times in the last year. Through the continuous lockdown, the girls have managed all communication and rehearsals through zoom, text and facetimed.


This song was written as a theme tune for a drama that was the original platform for ‘Maddiosn Skies’. Because of lockdown the project was flipped on its head and we as ‘Maddiosn Skies’ the  Girl Group were launched. “From Different Worlds.”speaks to our personalities directly, cheeky, saucy, spicy – that’s us in a nutshell and we are all definitely ‘on fire but as cool as ice!’  

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