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Mvnu Shares Anti-Pop Offering ‘Fairytale’ And ‘inverted A’ EP

Having already unveiled a glittering array of offerings since his highly-praised 2020 studio album ‘bye, cloud’, Canadian artist and producer Mvnu has now returned to deliver his bright and effervescent new single ‘fairytale’. The track arrives as part of Mvnu’s new 4-track EP ‘invertedA’.

Bringing back more of that distinctly diverse direction he is known for, that looks to merge the worlds of hip-hop, alt-pop and so much more, ‘fairytale’ makes for a wonderfully intriguing listen. With his bold and captivating voice riding a breezy bed of sweeping tones and pulsing beats, his latest offering is a warm and heartfelt return to form throughout.

Speaking about the new release, he said, “fairytale is all about the feeling of reaching a certain age and it not being what you expected. More specifically, being in your 20s feeling like every day is boring, repetitive and overall the same thing with nothing exciting happening. While when you were younger you expected your 20s to be an amazing experience full of friends and good times. This has created both a feeling of nostalgia (Wanting to go back to teen years since they were more fun) as well as a feeling of sadness/ disappointment with the life that is being lived at the moment. The music video compiles various fun moments with friends depicting the “fairytale” that I wish my everyday life was like (As well as a sense of nostalgia and tribute to my friends that live in a different country).”

Mvnu is a Canadian singer, songwriter and producer. Having taught himself how to produce in his late high school days, Mvnu gathers a combination of feelings into his music which makes it only describable as a mix of genres. Carrying a heavy hip-hop influence in his drum use, and atmospheric soundscapes similar to those of artists like EDEN or Jeremy Zucker, while also making heavy use of guitars that channel the artist’s love for 2000’s alternative music. The singer has a great versatility, varying in both up-beat and more “chill” sonics while staying true to a unique sound and maintaining a bedroom pop/ DIY feel.


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