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Music: Carter Efe Feat. Berri-Tiga – Machala

Music: Carter Efe Feat. Berri-Tiga – Machala: Carter Efe makes a foray into music as he delivers his debut single, ‘Machala’ featuring rising singer, Berri-Tiga.

Popular Instagram comedian, Carter Efe is known for his obsession with Wizkid and it’s beautiful to see, to the extent that he sometimes makes use of the moniker ‘Machala‘ in his comedy skits, which is one of Wizkid‘s popular nicknames. To that effect, the comic sensation has decided to take it to the next level as he releases his debut single titled ‘Machala‘ featuring rising singer, Berri-Tiga.

Ever since the song’s snippet was shared, it has triggered a frenzy across various social media platforms. There’s been excitement all over the place and has kickstarted a solid TikTok challenge already, with other comic sensations jumping on it.

Machala‘ is a good listen, produced by rising beatsmith X, it arrived just at the right time and it’s definitely a potential smash. Carter Efe kicked off the song with a sample from one of his viral comedy skits with hilarious lyrics such as, “I no wan love any girl for this life again, I just wan dey like Wizkid (Machala), I just wan dey Ghana dey sm*ke igb0.”


Music: Carter Efe Feat. Berri-Tiga – Machala
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