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Melroze Releases Classy New Single “S.O.S” | MP3

“S.O.S” the brand new single by Nashville-based pop artist Melroze is officially out. Fiery red and spirited Melroze is making a name for herself in the pop scene. With her brand new single “S.O.S” dropping during Mental Illness Awareness Week, this native Georgia peach is prepared to make music her muse, sharing the vulnerability and resilience that she and so many others have undergone. 

With influences such as Evanescence and the Cranberries, dark pop princess Melroze is known for her distinctive piano stylings and vocal range. Using “S.O.S” as a means to share her story, Melroze narrates the struggles and battles she’s encountered while living with anxiety. Undiagnosed until recently, for years Melroze questioned the feelings of which she shares in her lyrics, with her true relatability reaching her listeners in a sensitive yet appreciative state. Keeping her inspiration of acoustic and electronica genres in mind, Melroze created this empathetic ballad with a passion that anyone and everyone can identify with.

Inspired by vulnerability and being her true self, Nashville-based pop artist Melroze is not afraid of sharing the realities of her resilient character through her music. Influenced by dark pop, acoustic, and electronica genres, Melroze stands out with her ability to make people feel, and think about the words she includes within her intricate songwriting skills.

Studying classical voice in college, Melroze was inspired to start writing her own songs and eventually moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. In 2014, she performed at the Troubadour Club in London, a stage that brought us the talents of Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Bob Dylan. Influenced by bands such as Evanescence and the Cranberries, Melroze took a deeper stride at songwriting by collaborating with funk/R&B producer Ryan Prewett in 2019 to record her next project to be released this year. In hopes of sharing the importance of genuinity with her fans, Melroze is eager to share her newest releases in hopes of inspiring others to always be true to themselves.

Melroze Releases New Single “S.O.S”
Melroze Releases New Single “S.O.S | Learn More
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  1. Richard says

    Came across Melroze for first time today. Beautiful and comforting to know we are not alone. Hoping to hear much from you in the future. Best of everything, Richard.

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