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Introducing Melroze, Raising Money for Cancer and Using Her Talent for Good

 Pop artist Melroze breaks into the scene with a purpose– raising money for cancer by sharing her talented gift with the world.

Pop singer songwriter Melroze is determined to make a difference in this world while combining her passion of music and storytelling. As she prepares for her upcoming releases, Melroze recently teamed up with Music Beats Cancer, a fundraiser whose mission is to provide funding to scientists in order for them to create technologies and treatments to help saves lives. With a family history of pancreatic cancer, Melroze suffered greatly from the loss of her dear grandmother of whom she still honors today with a framed photo on her mantle. 
“My grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just before I entered the 4th grade.  At the time, I had no idea what a rare and devastating cancer this was.   She passed away just under a year later, but not before she completed every treatment available to her to buy her time”


As Melroze works to create her upcoming project for release, she focuses on staying true to herself and the vulnerability that comes along with it. Planning to release her next single during mental health awareness week (October 3rd-9th), Melroze is eager to share her story of dealing with anxiety her entire life without being diagnosed until recently, hoping to connect with others who have dealt with similar situations. 

With her heart in the right place, Melroze hopes to use her talent to help save lives, knowing that her beloved grandmother would have been so proud. 
“I know so many people with loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer, and I want to use my voice to contribute to finding a cure.”  

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