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‘Crying In The Bathroom’ By Coco And The Lost

Coco and the Lost has always had an undying and longing passion for music. Even though she did dabble her way in other industries, music always found a way back into her life. Influenced heavily by her father who co-produces all of her own material with her, Ella finally started to take notice of her undeniable talents throughout the year of lockdown – giving her more time than ever before to perfect her craft.

Following on from the success of her most recent single ‘Not Famous’ which typified Coco’s whole sound and approach; modern day Britpop with a grit and edge and cuts above the noise. Featured in the likes of Wonderland, NOTION and more, the track clearly appealed to the masses, with Coco’s empowering lyricism and attitude speaking to the biggest of audiences who are listening and paying attention. With festival appearances at Isle of Wight among others in the calendar, 2021 is set to be a breakout year for Coco.  

Her recent single ‘Crying in the Bathroom’ feels like an evolution from her other tracks, where she really starts to come out of her shell. It’s packed with synths and electronic beats, reminiscent of Robyn and PULP, with that familiar signature vocal frum Coco coming through and stretching the whole dynamic of Britpop, blending into an alt-pop sphere too. It’s a song to be played loud at parties and nights out, much like those Britpop tracks that were the most popular in the noughties. Coco is aiming to bring this back, and who can blame or stop her.

With Jarvis Cocker taking a particular influence in this track, Coco explains:

“The song started off as an acoustic ballad, then I realised I didn’t want it to be sad.


I had been listening to a lot of Pulp at the time and have always loved how Jarvis Cocker delivers lines and writes lyrics. I tried to embrace that in this song and as an artist in general. It’s sad and dramatic and fun.”

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Crying In The Bathroom
Coco And The Lost – ‘Crying In The Bathroom’

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