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Manny Monroig Releases New Single – ‘Music’

The new single ‘Music‘ from the extremely talented songwriter, performer & singer Manny Monroig provides us with the Afro-House hit of the year! With an incessantly catchy chorus melody and a, quite literally, spelled-out post-chorus hook, Music is guaranteed to be stuck in your head endlessly! What makes this release so remarkable is that it was fabricated at the very start of Manny’s songwriting career being just the second song he wrote in his early 20’s.

Despite only being released many years after its initial demo – after performing it live in several New Jersey & New York clubs –  a wealth of bouncing audiences dancing to the song across numerous club dancefloors signified it was time to get it out on streaming platforms as soon as possible. ‘On this new updated, studio version I removed the rap and changed the sound from typical House Music to Afro House which is what I’ve been listening to the most nowadays,’ says Manny and this alteration truly worked in his favor; ‘Music‘ will definitely make you ‘lose control!’

Hailing from the US’ East Coast, it’s no surprise Manny Monroig had a rich musical diet growing up surrounded by the unmistakable sound of HipHop legends like Biggie, Nas and Method Man. Subsequently, he had a diverse musical palette to establish his own sonic soundscape from. His discography evidently reflects the Latin and RnB influences that Manny stays true to boasting a flair & style stereotypically associated with these genres.

The subtle Pop undertones to the Dance music he produces along with his producer and engineer Anthony Gallagher is what makes him so remarkable as an artist as he consistently fuses catchy vocals with driving, thumping House beats – a combination guaranteed for success in the industry. Manny Monroig is certainly not one to miss. 

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