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Maddy Hicks – Nightlife

After releasing singles “Backseat” and “Wake Up and Call the Uber,” Nashville artist Maddy Hicks released an EP entitled Nightlife on June 4. The EP features the two singles as well as three additional tracks.

Nightlife progresses in the same way that a Friday night does for many college kids. “Backseat” describes what it’s like to experience social anxiety on the drive to the party. Next is “Used to Be,” which feigns confidence and success in a celebration of change while hiding undertones of sadness for what’s lost in one’s evolution. Heartbreak house party vibes shine through in “You Don’t Get To,” and it’s easy to get lost in fantasies during the “Guitar Solos” at a concert. The EP wraps up with the track “Wake Up and Call the Uber,” a ballad about trying to get over an ex after waking up in their bed again.

Originally from upstate New York, Maddy Hicks has been performing her self-written music for almost a decade. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2018 to pursue a career as a songwriter and artist while studying at Belmont University. She writes about the twentysomething experience with a unique sense of rhythm and rhyme beneath powerful melodies. In December of 2019, Maddy released her debut album

The Bliss You Missed. Since then, she has transitioned into more of a pop sound. Her latest singles and her new EP Nightlife are just the beginning of the music that Maddy plans to release throughout the year.

“I love the album process. I know that singles and EPs are much more popular and digestible these days, so I’ve been releasing my music in waves. But I love creating one big story out of a series of songs.

There’s something so captivating about listening to an album in order and hearing it progress the way the artist intended it. That’s what I wanted to do with Nightlife – create a full story that unfolds with each track.” – Maddy Hicks


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