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Listen To “Stand Back” By Whitney Doucet

Whitney Doucet has released her 6th iTunes single and chose to record a cover of Stevie Nicks’s “Stand Back”. She found herself singing it under her breath when she was in the grocery store line and a woman was standing just a little too close, and thought, “I need to record a cover of this!”. She also loves the story behind “Stand Back” – Steve Nicks was listening to “Little Red Corvette” by Prince and had to write a song to that beat. “Not all, but a lot of my inspiration for songwriting stems from hearing other songs!” 


Whitney recorded her full vocals in her home studio. Her producer, Audiostation, brought the cover to life by creating the track and provided mixing and mastering. “I wanted it to be a close cover, with some modern touches, and I feel that Mike Froudarakis did just that!”

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