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Leitroleion Troleone Releases New Single New Single ‘Little Ghetto Boi’s’ 

American Hip-Hop artist Leitroleion Troleone , pronounced (Lee-troh-lee-on) is set to release his new single ‘Little Ghetto Boi’s’ through his label Mind Over Money Records on Friday 20th May 2022. The self produced track aims to invoke unity throughout the black community, something that he feels can often be lost due to issues of violence and crime. Leitroleion Troleone  has grown up in the hood and can speak fluently of spending his life in New York ghettos and experiencing these problems first hand. The positive message is clear in this record however as Leitroleion Troleone  dissects these issues and touches on how he feels they are now worse than ever.   

Leitroleion Troleone  highlights his warning through the music video depicting what he feels the typical path would be for two young men growing up in the hood. The animated retro style video directed by Rohan Zahid captivates the audience and helps to represent the irresponsible, juvenile nature of the characters actions. Paying homage to the classic 1972 Donny Hataway song ‘Little Ghetto Boy’, Leitroleion Troleone  highlights that ‘‘despite the modern means of communication and technology, the streets seem to be more violent than ever and kids have less respect’’. He hopes through this new track he can push people to use the modern tools they have at their disposal towards more positive actions. 

When describing the sound of the track Leitroleion Troleone  takes influence from his idols Tupac, Nipsey Hussle and Drake. The demanding rapping throughout the verses is offset by the sweet calm vocals in the chorus which feature lyrics such as: ‘what you gonna do when you grow up and face responsibility’. Stereotypically, American Hip-Hop bars feature themes of drugs, violence and crime but Leitroleion Troleone ’s original storytelling has strived to show a more lyrical, constructive side to the genre.  

Previous success from Leitoleion has seen one of his last singles ‘Crying Out To Da People’ reach #29 on the ReverbNation charts. His label Mind Over Money Records has been striving to bring back the original qualities to rap music and created a sense of community in the area.  The label tries to embrace the old-school style of the music that is both still memorable and relevant today. Be sure to keep an eye on Leitroleion Troleone ’s socials for more updates about the coming release.

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