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Leif Bent Returns with his Emotive New Single ‘O.K.’

Bursting back onto the scene with an exquisitely addictive new single that expertly combines his bold lyricism, stunning vocals with an immaculately catchy sound – pop sensation Leif Bent is set to take over charts and playlists worldwide with the release of his latest single ‘O.K.’. The release of ‘O.K.’ concludes his self-written, produced and mixed 5 track EP, written during the 2020 lockdown. Sounding spectacularly inspired, Leif’s new single is as shocking as it is soulful; ‘O.K.’ reveals the confident performer he’s become over the years.

Since his 2017 debut, the Berlin native has been carving out his place in the industry with his shimmering pop anthems. Having seen immense support from Spotify, featuring in the likes of New Music Friday and Sommer Chillout, Leif has already accumulated over 4.2 million streams on Spotify alone. 

Leif Bent’s musical journey began at a very young age. At just 6 years old he started playing guitar, quickly following up with piano at age 9. He was just 13 years old when he wrote his first song, and it was at this moment that Leif began to develop a love for writing and performing his original material. Like many other’s Leif took to YouTube to share his talent with the world, releasing covers and his own original tracks to his adoring subscribers. 

In 2016 Leif decided to take his career to the next level. He packed his bags and moved to London where he studied music production at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. During this time, he also established himself as a singer-songwriter around the London pub circuit, playing acoustic shows and open mics. In 2017 Leif moved to Heidelberg, where he was part of the creative team at AZF studios for two and a half years building up his reputation and network as a songwriter and producer. Parallel to his activities under the publishing house Grand H Music in 2019, he independently built up a fanbase on Instagram and YouTube releasing covers and original songs reaching people all around the world.

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After numerous songwriting trips to Toronto, London, Berlin and Hamburg, he moved to Berlin in January 2020. When the global lockdown was announced, Leif used this to his advantage and began focussing more on his artist project, perfecting his sound and releasing music once again. His 2020 single “Live Like That” has already accumulated over 2.2 million streams on Spotify and with his fanbase ever-growing on Spotify, he dove right into 2021 releasing the singles “come down” and “pretty lies” leaving his fans hungry for the upcoming EP. Now, he returns with ‘O.K.’, a 5 track EP written during lockdown. Speaking more on this, Leif explains: 

The EP is fully self-written, -produced, -mixed & -mastered during quarantine in 2020 and therefore represents the different facets of what I felt over the past year. It’s my unbiased creative expression of the music that I wanted to make at that time. 

I wrote most of the songs at my studio in Berlin, while “different” was written at a cabin in Switzerland where I went in summer 2020 to reset from all that corona madness.  

‘O.K.’ follows the release of ‘different’, ‘breathless’, ‘dead’ and ‘hating you’, concluding the 5 track EP. Leif’s emotive lyricism is breath-taking and utterly mesmerising and is a testament to the powerful songwriter he has become over the years. 

“’O.K.’ is about admitting to not be ok and that you’re not fine.” explains the young singer-songwriter. Using his music as a platform to maintain a conversation on mental health, ​Leif frequently finds solace in songwriting and is not afraid to address and share his personal aperture.

Leif looks to 2021 with positive energy as it’s set to be a huge year for the multi-talented singer-songwriter. With his sights set on the stratosphere, and ‘O.K.’ set to drop on July 2nd, we’re expecting big things from Leif Bent this year.

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