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La Veer Releases New Single “Girl”

NASHVILLE, TN- Mark Demao, better known as ‘La Veer’ has released his latest single GIRL, that embodies a modern spin on the classic 80’s dance hits. Featuring La Veer’s signature pop-driven beat and catchy lyrics, GIRL is the perfect addition to your summer soundtrack. This track was produced by Adam Sickler and co-penned by La Veer and Drew Degener, Nashville based Indie singer-songwriter.

“The basis for this song came from a moment that I felt like I went through repeatedly over the last few years, where you have this realization or maybe a moment of action and you finally make the choice to stop wasting time and energy on someone toxic to your life. I feel like it’s usually a heavy thing to actually experience so I wanted to focus on the empowering parts of that situation with GIRL. It’s an anthem of empowerment and deciding ‘you know what, I’m better off without this’ “ – La Veer (Mark Demao)

La Veer’s most recent project, a six song EP entitled I’ll Call You in the Morning, garnered more than 30k+ streams on Spotify and featured the hit single Bad For You. The collection highlighted his dance-along rhythms and thought provoking lyrics, supported by incredibly intentional instrumentation, as always.

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