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Kel Adore – Still A Child

Eternally effervescent with zestful curiosity, Kel Adore reveals a craving for childhood simplicity through her brand new single “Still A Child” – available now.  Filled with electronic energy and playfully pop production, “Still A Child” exposes the facade of  ‘adulthood’ while admitting that though we grow up, there’s still plenty of growth and learning still to come. 

‘Still A Child’ explores how no matter what we go through, we are all just a bunch of kids at heart,” exclaims LA-based artist and model“Things happen that we feel unprepared for or unequipped to handle. Sometimes we just need to tap into our childlike selves, before all the distractions and trauma and confusion, to get back on the right path.”

In the exclusive premiere of “Still A Child,”Glasse Factory writes that the track “shows Adore’s firm grasp on what it means to be a true creative, and how to go about when looking to have a greater impact on the lives of others.” Kel Adore’s goal has always been to not merely entertain, but to feed the soul.

Taking that goal even further, Kel Adore recently announced her ‘Feed the Soul’ virtual charity campaign, benefitting hunger relief initiatives. Kicking off August 23, Adore continues the theme of “Still A Child” with a livestream concert benefiting No Kid Hungry, starting at 6pm PDT.

“Still A Child” is available now on all streaming platforms [https://ffm.to/o22ma7o.OWE]. For more on Kel Adore or her ‘Feed the Soul’ series, visit www.keladore.com or follow her on social media; @keladoremusic on Instagram and Facebook, and @keladore on Twitter and TikTok. 

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