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Jimmy Two Shoes – Trenches

Jimmy Two Shoes – Trenches – Indie Hip-hop/RnB Alt Pop artist Jimmy Two Shoes (J2S), is excited to announce his forthcoming single, “Trenches”. Hailing from San Diego, CA, J2S’s new single can be described as a unique Hip-hop/alt pop sensation of meditative energy and lyrical clarity. The song details his universal adversities with love, and he articulates his emotional experiences of loss and failure.

J2S infuses his new single with knowledge from his past, and the pressures of an upcoming artist in an immoral society. Coming across vulnerable Jimmy Two Shoes creates music for “outsiders like him.”

‘Trenches’ was produced and written by Jimmy Two Shoes, and flew out to LA to record in a professional studio with Pakk music.

Currently, after flunking out of college, he is devoting all of his efforts to music, and is creating a RPG to couple his next album ‘D.R.E.A.M.S.’. J2S also designs his own fashion, and releases his first ever limited time designer shoes made in Italy now for pre-order. He hopes to eventually tour the world, and do “The 90 Day

World Tour” where he plans to spread a positive message of perseverance, self-love and determination across the globe through his music. He plans to do this after Covid restrictions are lifted.


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