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Flight to Moonlight – Stary Tiles

Flight to Moonlight – Stary Tiles – London-based singer and songwriter is set out to change our mindsets for the summer with her recently released single Stary Tiles. A new kind of freedom is approaching and this has it all to bring us to our feet and dance it out.

Flight to Moonlight is the moniker of London based producer song-writer & vocalist Adam Baring. Over the last few years it has concocted a compelling brand of dance orientated alternative pop that takes its cues from disco, funk and house. Influences include Breakbot, Franc Moody & SG Lewis. Adam used to DJ Jungle and Drum & Bass as a teenager and made indie folk music but transitioned to electronic music production 4 years ago.

‘’I’m fascinated by music, the way it gets translated into emotions and how and why some music resonates with some people and not others. I believe we all need to have some kind of connection to the profound and ineffable, and music is a good way to get there’’


Flight to Moonlights has been earmarked as ‘one to watch’ by Synch Magazine with a sound that has been described as ‘unique and compelling’ by Vent Magazine. Some of their previous releases have also been featured on Mr Suicide Sheep, Earmilk, Sounds Good and others.

The song has a mix of guitar, bass, moog and prophet 8 synth; the idea was to create a memorable feel good pop song that incorporated some classic disco elements from the guitar and bass mixed with contemporary production. The female vocalist did an amazing job of bringing character and conviction to the vocals and really made the track come alive.

Stary Tiles captures the pent up energy many have been feeling to have an unforgettably vibrant night out on the tiles, to dance away the covid cobwebs that have entangled the weary minds of many and to remember what it feels like to be alive and grooving again.

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