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Andrei Poliakov Releases New Single I Felt

Andrei Poliakov Releases New Single “I Felt” – Fast rising Switzerland based artiste Andrei Poliakov, is back with a new song titled “I Felt”. The newly released single It’s a calm and peaceful music with sparse ambient elements, composed and recorded in Switzerland in the summer of 2021.

“I Felt” title is a metaphor for a felted piano and the feelings of a person at the same time: “In the current dynamic, aggressive, and ever changing world there is little space to stop, breathe, and contemplate. Our feelings and emotions get suppressed and hidden while our most deep and intimate thoughts vanish before reaching the edge of our consciousness.

The sounds of a felted piano awake our inner self giving us this breathing space – so we recognize our feelings, contemplate the beauty of the outside world, and enjoy the freedom inside ourselves”


Andrei Poliakov is a professional musician, composer and producer, who received a fundamental classical music education as a pianist and an oboist in Russia, continued with the professional musical career performing with world-renowned orchestras, later diversifying his musical taste and capacity into jazz, rock, and pop genres, performing and recording with various bands and solo.

Since 2012 Andrei has been living in Switzerland, Geneva, engaging into various professional activities both in artistic and business domains.

The foundation of Andrei’s works is a well-educated classical, romantic soundscape, but as soon as the music begins, it starts looking for cross-over opportunities to develop into an exciting house-party, jazz, pop, or electronic music, all these easily transforming to warm classical follow-ups – hence the eclectic style which helps Andrei tell better stories without words.

Andrei treats a musical genre as an additional color for the compositions, like seasoning in food; these colors help him get across the emotions and tell the stories to the listener with better precision and stronger impact:

“I do not feel bound by a genre or a style, and instead I use and abuse the variety of styles to paint a deeper and more colorful, meaningful musical picture. Nevertheless, the Piano is always staying as a centerpiece of my compositions as I believe the richness and diversity of sounds of the “king of music” easily trumps any other instrument I know”.

Andrei Poliakov works with a Dutch sound producer Wouter Kronenberg, who shares the same passion for the fusion New Age music and helps create a sound palette that echoes Andrei’s ideas and brings the essence of the musical message forward.Andrei’s previous works include albums: “RefleXions” (released in March 2019), “Four Seasons” (released in March 2020), and the live album “Moonlight & Sunshine“

Andrei’s devoted fans have been praising these albums for their everchanging mood, variety of rhythms and colors, an unpredictable development of the story, but most of all – for the honesty, sensibility, and empathy which resonated with audience.

His music is taking the listeners away from the mundane routines, boredom, and dullness into the brightness of an imaginative world where love is omnipresent both under the light of Sun and Moon.


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