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Jane N’ The Jungle – “Dirty Dog”

Jane N’ The Jungle – “Dirty Dog”: “I’m not a bitch, I’m a dirty dog”, says Jane N’ The Jungle’s Jordan White about their new rock single, “DIRTY DOG” out now on all streaming platforms. This song not only has a strong message, but tells an unforgettable story in a fierce, hard-hitting and stunning way.  
Phoenix, AZ. based Jane N’ The Jungle is dynamic front woman Jordan White (songwriting/lead vocals), Brian Dellis (guitar) and “Big B” (bass). Together, they bring epic songs with clever lyrics, crunchy guitars and an always impressive and memorable performance.

After recently releasing their Ocean Creatures EP, Jane N’ The Jungle returned to Pearl Sound Studios in Detroit to work with Producer/Engineer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) to crank out their next body of work. The maturation and development of their music can be heard in their latest single, “DIRTY DOG,” where Jordan recounts her experience being sexual assaulted and “felt so gross and so small, like a “DIRTY DOG.”’ The lyrics were penned on a napkin while hanging out and trading personal stories with Ayron Jones at a local dive bar.

Jane N' The Jungle -  "Dirty Dog"
Jane N’ The Jungle – “Dirty Dog”
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