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Sara Syms – Unknown Road

Songwriter Sara Syms releases reflective single and video for project “Unknown Road.” The single is available now on all digital streaming platforms, and you can watch the video at the link above.

This latest track from Sara Syms, “Unknown Road,” brings those haunting vocals and almost outlaw-esque guitar progressions fans have come to expect from much of her work. A steady and constant drum backing is joined with those guitars and hints of organ and other trappings to create a unique and chilling auditory experience. There’s an ear-catching effect layered on Syms’ voice in some parts of the track that makes it sound as though it’s coming through an old radio; this definitely adds to the track’s ambiance, making it sound older than it actually is, creating the folky ambience that we know and love from Sara Syms.

Syms brings us on a sonic and visual journey, tying the single and music video perfectly. The video visualizes all of the places Sara is describing on this “unknown road,” taking us right alongside her as she tells the story. 

When Syms sings “I’m here/I’m there/I’m everywhere” she truly means it as her vocals in this track surround you. They are quiet and gentle, but possess a silkiness that tiptoes against your skin. The chill electric guitar that carries the track transports you somewhere else entirely. 

Sara Syms - Unknown Road
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