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Jacob Drescher – Where Ends Meet

Jacob Drescher isn’t your everyday singer-songwriter. The Netherlands born native is young in age but appears to be wise beyond his ears and utterly aware of everything that ebbs and flows around him. Not only does he realise this, he then has the musical knowhow and prowess to depict his notions and thoughts into a multi functional song. 

With his debut single ‘Shadow’ only released last year amassing 150,000 streams on Spotify alone, it is clear that Jacob has already created an invested audience of listeners. With his proactive and positive approach, he then quickly released two more singles in 2020 and looks to begin 2021 in the same vein with ‘Where Ends Meet’. It’s a fun-filled acoustic, lo-fi track with elements of his indie pop upbringing and musical taste.

The production is minimalistic, to showcase Jacob’s melancholy presence in his soft, soothing vocal. There’s a lovely space used for what sounds like a double bass, before Jacob really starts to expand his voice, with a sincere layering of harmonies and tone that is a delight to the ears. The track builds and builds, with a swooning electric guitar playing it’s part as well. He, like everyone else, had a life changing experience in the year of 2020. With his country sprung into lockdown, he wanted to project his 20th year on this earth with the message that it will all be over soon and that there will be human connection once more.

There’s a real feeling of hope and positivity that surrounds Jacob Drescher, and he realises how comfortable he is with writing which is already a major step forward. It is evident that this is just another instalment of the story he has to tell for this exciting talent.

Speaking on the meaning behind ‘Where Ends Meet’, Jacob explains:

“I want to tell a story about the generation I feel connected to, our mission to accomplish change in this world, and our experiences through these weird times while growing up.”

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