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‘Code Blue’: Merlin’s Ode to the Multidimensional Woman

MERLIN makes no apologies for her complexities with her April 23 single “Code Blue.” Fully embracing the internal contradictions that exist within us all, “Code Blue” playfully presents a profound ultimatum: if you can’t love all of me, you can’t have any part of me.

“All of the women inside me are tired,” MERLIN muses, celebrating the beautiful chaos of being complicated, all while combating the multitude of labels that might be used to dumb down her identity; she’s not simple, and she doesn’t want to be.

“The phrase ‘codeblue’ echoes throughout the entire track,” she reveals, “It’s not just the song title, it’s the siren you hear in your head when you know something is off about a situation. When you’re not confident in who you are, it’s easy to ignore those red flags and then convince yourself you’re the reason things didn’t work out. ‘CodeBlue’ is a reminder to trust your gut, value your worth, and find the strength to say… it’s not me, it’s you.”

Instead of living in that all too familiar, self deprecating head space, MERLIN quite literally dances to the beat of someone else’s warning bells.

“Code Blue” will be available on all platforms starting Friday, April 23, with the official music video to follow on April 30! For more, visit thisismerlin.com and connect with @thisismerlin13 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & TikTok. Stick around for more updates Merlin.

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