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Hayku Kyah Shares Debut Ep ‘I Thought You Should Hear It From Me’

Naarm-based artist Hayku Kyah is set to release her debut EP ‘I Thought You Should Hear It From Me‘ on the new moon of November 13th, marking a new chapter in her career as a genre-bending artist and poetically inclined rapper. This also marks a new chapter in Elefant Traks’ books with Hayku Kyah being the first artist to be released via the new development label ‘Future Shade Recordings’. Platformed as a unique voice who creates narratives that ultimately seek to challenge the phantasm we live in; painting vivid imagery in her listeners’ minds.

The project consists of 5 tracks, each representing a bold statement that highlights Kyah’s talent as an artist. The EP’s focus track ‘Lune‘, meaning ‘moon’ in French, opens with a series of voice notes in which Kyah sets the tone for the project. The listener is lulled into the story with a clarinet that’s reminiscent of an old Hollywood charm, before Kyah takes centre-stage with lyrics that declare her intention to be heard.

Kyah lays out her ambitions and sense of purpose with lines like: “Highly underrated, but I’m staying until they know what my name is – like a Hollywood star.”This focus track is a testament to her alignment with cosmic forces greater than herself, and her willingness to forge ahead with her career and leave the results up to fate.


The accompanying tracks on the EP — ‘Earth Angel‘, ‘Sour‘, ‘Swan Dive‘, and ‘do not feed the artists‘— build on this sense of purpose and engage with one another to create a cohesive, symbiotic whole. Hayku Kyah’s talent is on full display, with the help of talented and esteemed producers (Teether, IJALE, Kwasi, SwissBerry, UNO Stereo and herself) offering a unique blend of influences that defy easy categorisation. 

Hayku Kyah Shares Debut Ep ‘I Thought You Should Hear It From Me’

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