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Queen Bitch Unleashes New Single “Bones”

Queen Bitch is the musical project by Irish music artist Róisín Bohan. Addressing the breadth of human experience, the songs touch on topics such as trauma, sexuality, doubt, suffering, and joy. The music blends rock, blues, and grunge, to mention a few genres, in empowering and inimitable ways.

A bold and deep voice, reminiscent of well-known stars Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Karen O, and Siouxsie Sioux, Queen Bitch gives the stage and speakers a regal vibe, with guitar in hand. Enter into her realm and become a part of her growing army of devoted followers.

The debut single ‘Bones’ from Queen Bitch’s forthcoming self-titled debut album was released on the 27th of October. Through a shattering, cymbal and guitar-heavy fury, the song is an upbeat celebration about mending, regaining one’s strength, and losing trust before finding great trust, beginning with a fierce scream! 

Róisín began writing ‘Bones’ in the middle of 2022. In January 2023, ‘Bones’ saw its first  solo performance at an open mic night in Dublin with an acoustic guitar. The track was recorded in September at Beardfire Studios in Dublin, bringing the song to its full vision with a rock band as it was intended to be played. Al Quiff played drums, Rohan Healy played bass, Petri Visser played lead guitar, and Róisín Bohan sang and played guitar. The Beardfire producers, Rohan Healy, Al Quiff, and David Virgin, have collaborated on stage and in the studio with several artists over their decades-long careers in the music industry, including Nick Cave, INXS, RUNAH, Ailsha, All The Queen’s Horses, Patricia Lalor, Lloyd Cole, Leslie Dowdall, and many more.


The genre-blend of pop-rock, alternative-rock, and grunge mixes incredibly showcasing Queen Bitch’s signature sound on record. The hard-hitting production on ‘Bones’ features electric guitar, bass, and drums, along with gravelly and raspy vocals. The energised instrumentation paired with victorious vocals draws the listener in immediately.

On the song, Róisín says,

“The main hook line ‘My bones, my bones won’t break anymore’, I think comes from the adage ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’. The song is kind of suggesting that this isn’t true.”

Queen Bitch is paving her way into the music scene with her promising sound. Watch Queen Bitch’s ascent as she dominates the rock scene through her captivating releases and electrifying live performances through 2024 and beyond.

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