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Lisa Ramey Returns With New Single ‘Internet’

Vocal powerhouse Lisa Ramey has a vast repertoire of music with productions with elements of R&B, rock, reggae, and gospel. Her discography reflects her creative and boundless mindset, as she moves across genres with unparalleled ease and adaptability. She returns with her latest offering ‘Internet’.

In terms of production, ‘Internet’ focuses on an R&B, pop, and soul genre mixture. The singer welcomes this release fully as she continues to display her natural ability and personal development in the music business.

Compared to her earlier upbeat releases, Lisa Ramey notes that when she and her producer started experimenting with a chill kind of vibe for ‘Internet’, this particular offering has a feel-good energy that they wanted to explore.

Speaking on her latest offering, Lisa Ramey said: “It’s not easy going up against technology. People are worried if they’ll have jobs in the future and I’m worried if a guy will ever look at me again. Video games are incredible. I find that even I will put on VR and be entranced for hours before I enter back into the real world. I don’t even have to talk about how much we can hang out on our phones. We have the world in our pockets. There’s so much to discover, to learn, and to be entertained by. How am I supposed to compete with all the fun?!! Full-grown men love video games and I get it but when will you put it down and see me? Does the video game touch you like I do? Does it love you back like I do? Does it feed you like I do? Will it replace me? I love video games but when do we put them down and look each other in the eye? Remember connecting person to person? Maybe it’s a thing of the past….so where does this leave me?”


The multi-talented singer is still showcasing her amazing musical abilities as ‘Internet’ gives her fans a somewhat different sound that highlights variety, but she is still the same extraordinary artist that we have come to love. With one foot firmly planted in historical musical traditions, the old soul is courageously stepping into the future with her music.

About Lisa Ramey

Vocal powerhouse, St. Louis-born and New York-based artist, Lisa Ramey caught national attention on NBC’s hit music competition show, The Voice, where she performed on Team Legend. She exudes a gritty soul and passion with a soul-meets-rock vibe that emphatically captures her roots. After headlining alongside Ms. Lauryn Hill, she took her soulful rock artistry to the limit with her debut album, Surrender, which placed #34 on Good Morning America’s “Top 50 Albums of 2020.” 

Lisa Ramey has since become a mainstay of the live-stream concert world; constantly finding new and exciting ways to put on compelling at-home and studio performances for fans, old and new. She has received praise from the press, radio, and playlisting for her engaging artistic talent. She has been featured in publications including Gigwise, Wordplay, Lock Mag, as well as Apple’s New Music Daily, and Spotify editorial playlists. 

Lisa Ramey Returns With New Single ‘Internet’

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