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Exclusive Interview With Jaimie Steck

Fast rising pop performing artist and song writer Jaimie Steck, is set to bring back the theatrics and showmanship of pop music.Jaimie has always been infatuated by the love of music and the feelings it can bring and wanted to bring those aspects to the forefront of her offering as an artist and a performer.

She recently released her new single ‘Touch’ which made Jaimie’s musical proweess salient as the song was carefully curated with top-notch lyrics.On ‘Touch’ Jaimie can be heard crooning melodiously as she discusses the tension and teasing that occurs when you are kept away from that special someone for far too long, which has been especially prevalent in the world we’ve all been a part of for the past.

In a recent exclusive interview with Jaimie, the “pop princess of the west coast,” shared some pertinent information concerning her latest single ‘Touch’, her music career and her personality in general.Check out the interview below and be sure to stream ‘Touch’ afterwards.


What motivated you to go into music and when was your first single released?

Jaimie Steck: Ever since I can remember, performing has been my calling. From making homemade music videos as a child to my favorite songs to putting on 2 1/2 hour “concerts” in my living room to an imaginary crowd, something within me told me that this was what I was meant to do. One day I woke up and said “if this is your lifelong dream, why aren’t you doing everything to make it come true?”. I was in vocal lessons by the next day. Within 3 months of vocal lessons I was already in production of my first single, “Full Moon”, which was released on March 20, 2019 (an actual full moon!).

Listening to your song one can easily notice that have a good vocal. Do you engage yourself in vocal training?

Jaimie Steck: I warm up my vocals everyday and try to sing as much as I can. I also dedicate two days out of the week to being professionally vocally trained. 

How can you describe your personality and culture in relating to the kind of music that you make?

Jaimie Steck: I am a die-hard pop lover. I am mesmerized by the talents of Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, JLo, and more. Whenever I watch them I get a butterfly feeling in my stomach. It’s a feeling of anticipation because what I’m watching them do is what I want to do. It makes me excited to work hard to one day be performing in the styles I grew up enjoying. I make pop music because that encompasses the performing I strive to present one day. 

What are some of those areas that you might be needing support in as an upcoming artiste?

Jaimie Steck: I work hard each and every day to bring my music to life. The support I desire is just genuine fans who love pop and what it stands for and if they see something special in me, just having them listen and enjoy the music so that others who share the same style can discover it and dance along with them. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Jaimie Steck: Reality television. I spent the first 2 weeks of quarantine last year binge watching Jersey Shore and it put me in my happy place. I’m also a HUGE Big Brother fan and like to study the strategies of the game just in case I end up playing one day. 

If given the opportunity to change anything about the music industry what would it be?

Jaimie Steck: The one thing I would change is the competition between artists whose love for music and their career is similar. Each artist puts their heart and soul into their work and there’s room for everyone to thrive in the industry. A song is typically 3 1/2 minutes, and there are 1,440 minutes in a day. That’s a lot of time to listen to a lot of different artists. 

How long did it take you to write, record and release “Touch”?

Jaimie Steck: I had the instrumental for about a year on the back burner during the pandemic. Once I released my 4th single, Boomerang, I went back into the archives and pulled the initial production for Touch back out. Once I did that, the length of time from recording to releasing “Touch” was about three months. 

If given the opportunity to record any song with any big name in the music industry who will it be and why?

Jaimie Steck: Britney Spears, but I’d have to earn that spot. We have similar styles to our career and I would love to work hard enough to be graced with a song alongside her. Almost like when Madonna performed “Me Against The Music” with Britney a few years into her career. It was a solidifying moment that one legend of pop put her stamp of approval on the other. 

What are the negative and positive influence of music in your life

Jaimie Steck: Music and performing are the two things that put a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. The positives are that I enjoy every step of my journey to establish my career. The negatives of music would be the patience. It takes a lot of hard work to become successful in the music industry, but the waiting and learning helps me to grow and enjoy the process, so it’s not really that negative at all.

Apart from music what else do you spend quality time on?

Jaimie Steck: I love reading books. I have gone through almost all of the James Patterson books in circulation at the moment. My favorite book series of all time is “The Valiant” by Lesley Livingston. One day when it becomes a major cinematic series (which it should be, the books are fantastic) I’ll be putting in extra work to hopefully be cast as the lead role of “Fallon”. A girl can dream


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