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Exclusive Interview With Colombian Singer Fatiniza

Colombian singer and songwriter Fatiniza, is walking her way up as the multifaceted songstress is gradually coming into limelight through her music. The award winning songstress was our guest on today’s episode of Spinex Music interview. On this interview, Fatiniza, fielded questions from international journalist Gabrielle Alexandra Smith, about her latest single “Ojos Cafe”, music career and cultural relationship differences as pertaining to her music.

In furtherance, the latin Pop Bucaramanga artiste who is naturally endowed with good vocals started her musical career at a very young age. She has already wanted to do music despite having a degree in Financial Administration. Her dedication and passion for music made her an explorer as the singer has explored new culture by traveling to different foreign countries of the world.

In 2012 Fatiniza, won ‘Best Female Singer’ and ‘Song of the Year’ for her debut single ‘Out of Control’ at ‘The Bite My Music Global Awards’ held in Asia. Then in 2013 she released ‘Nothing is impossible’ with which she achieved several recognitions. With a great repertoire of songs and acknowledgement from Rolling Stone Magazine, Fatiniza has made an impressive progress on her career within a space of few years.. Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “Ojo’s cafe” below.



Exclusive Interview With Colombian Singer Fatiniza
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