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Exclusive Interview With Preyah

Fast rising multi-talented Bulgarian singer and songwriter Preyah is gradually leaving a footprint in the sands of time as the singer keeps creating music with her artistic inspiration from genuine moments of extreme emotion and experiences.

Preyah who is already changing the music narrative through her song’s has continued to build a strong following off her vocal prowess, writing and music style.She is perfecting her craft, carving her own path and plans on taking her music career to the next level.

Growing up in one of the toughest areas of Sofia in Bulgaria, Preyah had to fight against prejudice.She has channeled the strength this gave her to get through these difficult times into her music, her positivity evident in both the sound of her songs and her lyrics, as is this case on her latest single, On the Line.

In a recent interview with the singer, she talked about her newly released single “On the line”, her forthcoming EP and her music career in general. Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “On the line” afterwards.



Who is Preyah?

Preyah: Preyah is a dreamer, powerful manifestor and an overall artistic soul.

Growing up as a kid in Bulgaria, you had to fight against prejudice. How was the experience like growing up in such an environment?

Preyah: Whew, I cannot say it was easy, and I cannot say I was prepared for it. For the longest time I did not realize how me being different is actually my superpower and I desperately tried to fit in, to look and behave like other kids did, which was, of course, impossible. The moment I realized how special I am, everything changed for the better.

You have a mixed Nigerian heritage. Could you explain your connection with Nigeria?

Preyah: My now late father comes from Nigeria, but the interesting thing is that he and my mom met not in Bulgaria, not in Nigeria, but in Greece. 🙂

In 2011 you appeared on the first season of Bulgarian Factor. How was the feeling like getting involved in this show in the first place?

Preyah: I absolutely loved it! It actually kick started my career, because there for the first time I was able to meet people with similar interests as mine, people, who live and breathe music. X Factor was the place I met my first music peers and started my first band.

You have a forthcoming EP on the way. What should your fans expect from this EP?

Preyah: Yeees, I do and I’m so excited for it! It’s mainly in English, only two tracks would be in my native Bulgarian. I started this EP right before the first lockdown and the main process lasted during quarantine, when I had so much time for self-exploration, retrospection and planning for the future. So, basically, the whole EP tells this tale of transformation, my journey to self-love and overall my journey to being this version of myself, which I finally love and respect.You have worked on a music project with the likes of Billy Hlapeto and Mihaela Fileva. What do you enjoy most about your working experience with these artists?

Preyah: Well, they are one of the most prominent artists around and there definitely is a reason behind that. Both of them are super dedicated to their craft, which is very inspiring.

What’s next for you musically and where do you see yourself in the next five years from?

Preyah: Well, I would love to drop at least one EP a year, I wanna be as productive as possible, speak my truth, develop my craft, and in five years I would love to get a Grammy nomination or two. <3

Who are your role models in the music industry?

Preyah: They are a lot, because different artist teach me different tactics, but a few of them would be:

  • Definitely Beyonce, because of her utter determination, beautiful voice, endless stamina and the strength of her character. I would love to have such a lengthy, sustainable career as she does.
  • Dua Lipa is a total inspiration, because I follow her journey in the past years and I see her work, develop herself, grow and just follow her dreams.
  • Justin Timberlake would be another inspiration of mine, again because of the sustainability and longevity of his career, but also because of his artistic choices and his overall vibes. He is so cool.

What inspires your writing and your kind of music?

Preyah: I am not sure. A lot of times people, their behavior and their relationships inspire me a lot, other times it just comes from within me. Like this time, with my upcoming EP – most of the songs are inspired from some past experiences of mine, which I haven’t processed, or have buried inside me for quite some time. And now they are free. 🙂

What motivated your new single “On the Line”?

Preyah:On The Line is a tale of two young people, who are interested in each other, or one of them at least appears to be. It is a story about miscommunication, absolutely inspired by real events in my life, but this time my heroine replies with dignity and says the things she was supposed to say then, but perhaps didn’t have the courage or the self-esteem necessary.

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