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Exclusive Interview With Cory Singer

Fast rising American Singer and songwriter Cory Singer has become a social media & TikTok sensation as an autism advocate, coining the phrase “Let’s normalize autism.” With over 404k followers and 13 million likes (TikTok) and full verification across Twitter, FB & Instagram he promotes positivity by inspiring others with his unique brand, music, and personal experiences of having autism himself.

However, Cory’s latest single “Break of Dawn” which was written by Singer and produced by Multi-Grammy winner producer Joe, takes his fans from his lonely heartbreak of not having someone to love and accept him (Someone) to his current status of finding the right “one.” Some of Cory’s accomplishments include BRAVO TV’s singing competition  “The Kandi Factory,” winning the grand prize (single and music video release). Multi Grammy Award winner Kandi Burruss penned Cory’s winning song “I Can Do Anything.” 

We recently had an exclusive interview with the singer and he shared some pertinent facts worthy of note concerning his musical career and Autism in general. Cory Singer who recently performed at the New Jersey Devils game for Autism Acceptance Night is an artist that you all need to watch out for as he has loads of music awaiting for you all. Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “Break of Dawn” beneath


You are set to sing the National Anthem at the New Jersey Devils game for Autism Acceptance Night. What are your thoughts about the autism community in America?

It was an honor for me to perform the country’s anthem in a stadium in my home state. As of right now, in terms of autism awareness, I think we are finally starting to head towards a positive direction in getting the facts about it out there.

Can you tell me a story about someone who inspired you to become great at what you do today? 

My mother. She is the hardest working person I know. She also believed in me when no one else did, she even pushed me to continue when I felt like giving up.

What was your biggest challenge when you became a musician? 

Finding my own voice and trying to be authentic. It’s hard when your art is misunderstood and people say you should be like “everyone else”. I learned to just do my own thing. 

How do you feel the state of autism awareness is changing in the US today compared to the previous years? 

The biggest thing that’s helping us is the internet. We finally have an outlet that allows autistic voices like myself to spread the positive and real facts about autism. We still have a long way to go, but we are making progress.


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Who is your biggest inspiration/ source of motivation in creating music?

 It starts with theater; I have a strong theater background. I also draw inspiration from the Beatles, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Journey, and many more. Now I find inspiration from everywhere.

What would be your favorite song or music for autism or as an autism advocate?

I wrote and released a song called someone last year. I was inspired by my autism and also wrote it for my following on tiktok. Since It’s based on my autism, I would say that one.

Describe your latest single “Break of Dawn”?

It’s about finally finding that special someone and all the feelings that come with it. It’s almost a spiritual sequel to my song someone. 

How did you come up with the song title and lyrics for “Break of Dawn”, do they reflect how you feel, or were they some way to help create an emotional connection with the audience?

 I had the melody already made and wrote a different song entirely at first. I hated the song but loved the melody. I co-wrote the lyrics with another writer via facetime and built something around the melody. It was just a very organic process. I think the song can resonate with a lot of people, because it’s something we can all relate to.

How would you best describe your music style?

Indie, I celebrate all different genres through my music.

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