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Emeka Releases New Single – Deserved

Emeka Releases New Single – Deserved: Following on from the enormous success behind his previously shared cut ‘Icarus’ earlier this year, which was supported by countless official playlists on Spotify upon its release, Sydney-based rapper Emeka is looking to continue his upward ascent as he drops his breezy new single ‘Deserved’.

Bringing back more of that smooth and enigmatic hip-hop direction he has cultivated for himself, ‘Deserved’ makes for a wonderfully warm and alluring return. With his bold and dynamic flow riding across a bed of rich and laid-back piano-led textures throughout, this one is perfect for kicking back under the summer sun.

Speaking about the new release, he said, I was sitting in front of my PC thinking about the progress I’ve made since I began this journey last year, and the hook kinda just came to me. I was thinking in particular about the many metaphorical seeds I’ve planted since last year and my gratitude at how some of those seeds have begun to reap a bountiful harvest. As I’m a storyteller, I then crafted the verse around my story, seeking to create a track that would inspire the listener in their story. I added a London Train sample to add a bit of familiarity for my fellow Brits, as they continue on their grind to see their seeds reap. The song has a fun intro incorporated to remind the listener balance is required, find the fun in the journey.”

Emeka is an independent UK Hip Hop artist based in Australia, born and raised in the UK, moving to Australia (Sydney) at thirteen years old. Emeka creates authentic music that deals with the reality of his experiences, and began doing so in 2021, inspired by the legacy of his late grandparents who both worked extremely hard in their youth to follow their passions and achieve their dreams.


His goal is to encourage others to pursue their dreams, making use of whatever they have around them to propel them further towards their goals, whilst also exposing the realities and lows of his life and experience to show that it’s okay to not be okay, what’s important is that you as an individual can utilize accountability and take action in your life to see your dreams realized, just as how he’s aiming to see his realized.

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