Elnaaz Norouzi Shares New Single “La La Love”

Famed Iran born, now India based actress, model and dancer Elnaaz Norouzi steps into the world of music with her debut single “La La Love”. 

A talented and hugely successful actress and model, Elnaaz Norouzi has had an illustrious career to date. Having modelled for the likes of Dior, Lacoste and German clothing brand C&A, Elnaaz starred in the hit Indian Netflix series Sacred Games, the Apple TV Series Tehran and also recently appeared in the Gerard Butler led action drama Kandahar. A successful actress who as well as these projects has worked alongside a whole host of renowned Bollywood actors including Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Varun Dhawan, Norouzi has now decided to make a career shift and move into the world of music.

Norouzi’s debut single “La La Love” encompasses a unique musical blend of R&B and pop with bhangra rhythms. Sultry, infectious and effortlessly catchy, the single showcases not only a track full of commercial potential but also what a natural and talented performer Norouzi is. Her elegant, silky, charismatic vocal delivery is strikingly flawless and would make you believe that she had been making music for years.  

Talking about the single, Norouzi explains: “‘La La Love’ to me is my first born. I can’t think much of what the words mean to me but when I think of ‘La La Love’ I remember how my journey of music started and how long it has been that I’ve been holding on to this song before I can show it to the world. 

I’m glad that my first song has such a strong word in it , the world exists because of Love. As the lyrics show, it’s about desire and the first time you meet someone and how that love develops and how it’s LOVE that makes you go sleepless over someone or it makes you feel like you are drunk cause it’s such a strong feeling!”

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